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Castello: a memorable past

castello cagliari

The medieval district of Castello symbolises Cagliari. It represents the pulsating heart and memory of the town with its sturdy walls, still standing today, and the imposing Pisan towers of San Pancrazio and the Elephant. Together with its narrow streets, ancient noble palaces, workshops of antique dealers and craftsmen and the humble dwellings reminiscent of the medieval age.

Stampace: the proletarian district

stampace cagliari

The oldest area of the town, still today preserving age-old traditions. Up until fairly recently the district housed the true being of the Cagliari people: carpenters, cobblers, woodworkers, smiths.The oldest area of the town, still today preserving age-old traditions. A modest district lacking monumental palaces and large residential complexes. The only exception to the above is the presence of numerous churches.

Marina: fresh breeze from the sea

marina cagliari

Overlooking the sea, the Marina district, once housed the port workers, customs officers, fishermen and the lower classes of Cagliari. 

Villanova: the old rural area

villanova galleria comunale cagliari

Villanova is the area of Cagliari extending towards the countryside. Indeed, still today you may chance unexpectedly on gardens or vegetable plots adjacent to the traditional one-storey houses. Surrounded by walls it was considered an elegant place to walk for the peasant and rural bourgeoisie. 

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