Privacy policy

1. Contractual information

    1.1 Information relating to the provider: 

The present General Conditions regulate the remote internet purchase by customers of goods/services from the website http://www.thotel.it, owned by MiNoTer SpA, with head offices in via Andrea Galassi 2, 09131 Cagliari, Italy; VAT number and tax code 00303050926 – REA: ca85585 

To contact customer care, and to submit complaints or request information, in addition to visiting the above website, customers may write to the following e-mail address: customercare@thotel.it

   1.2 Information relating to contracts entered into by the customer: 

All information provided for by applicable law or by the nature of the contract, relating to each individual contract entered into through the abovementioned website, including as mere examples and not intended as an exhaustive list, the main features of the goods or services, the prices (inclusive of taxes), additional costs for shipping, delivery or postage and any other costs, methods of payment, times of delivery or the goods, or shipping of the order, duration of the contract, if any, the minimum duration of customer commitments, if any, shall be specified on the order form and duly accepted remotely by the customer, who expressly acknowledges that by submitting the order he/she is bound to pay for the same. If, due to the nature of the contract, or the goods or services ordered, one or more of the above details should not be available at the time of placing the order, the consumer shall be duly notified; if the price has not been established at the time the order is placed, the consumer shall however be notified of how the price will be calculated; should any other costs or expenses related to the contract or carrying out of the same not be available at the time the order is placed, the consumer shall be notified of this situation and of the possibility that the above costs and expenses may be charged subsequently.

   1.3 Information relating to rights of the consumer: 

All information relating to the acknowledged rights of the consumer as provided for by applicable law, including, as mere examples and not intended as an exhaustive list, information relating to the right of withdrawal (if applicable), guarantee of conformity of the goods, to aftersales assistance (if any), processing of personal data, procedures to follow in purchasing from the provider’s website, shall be specified in the present General Conditions, i.e. in documents containing reference to the latter, accessible by means of a hyperlink provided in these General Conditions. 

1.4 Information relating to applicable law: 

All contracts finalised by the customer through the abovementioned website shall be comprehensively regulated by the following terms and by the documents, instructions and information referred to therein, in accordance with the provisions laid down by Legislative Decree n. 206/2005 (relating to the Consumer Code), by Legislative Decree 70/2003 (relating to laws pertaining to electronic commerce), to Legislative Decree 29/2010 (relating to laws pertaining to services provided on the domestic market), and to Legislative Decree 196/2003 (the Privacy Code). All other matters not expressly regulated by the present General Conditions or by the abovementioned legislative measures shall be regulated by the Civil Code.

2. Customer commitments 

The present General Conditions, available online on the website http://www.thotel.it, are available to customers who may print them or download them to their computer. Customers should carefully examine these General Conditions before purchasing products and/or services on the website thotel.it. In any event, prior to finalising online procedures and placing the order, the present General Conditions are presented to the customer, who unconditionally accepts and agrees to comply with the conditions by ticking the appropriate box before completing the purchase. 

3. Finalising of the contract

Orders placed remotely through the website by the customer represent an offer of contract which MiNoTer SpA reserves the right to accept. 

The price indicated for the services/goods selected should be checked for correctness before submitting the order. At the time of online submission of the order through the website the customer shall be requested to click an online tab to attest that he/she acknowledges that by submitting the order, and subject to acceptance of the order by MINoTer SpA, he/she will be bound to provide payment for the corresponding price of the order.

The contract shall become binding once a confirmation e-mail has been sent from the website summarising details of the service and/or products ordered, and any other fundamental details relating to the contract, to the e-mail address provided by the customer at the time of submitting the order; this e-mail shall be construed as acceptance of the order placed by the customer.

4. Conditions and methods of payment

Payment is provided as soon as the order for the goods/service has been placed, and prior to supply, in agreement with the method selected by the purchaser during the procedures for the online purchase; these methods are clearly indicated on the home page of the orders section.

Prices listed are inclusive of VAT, where payable.

5. Withdrawal and reimbursement 

In accordance with article 52 of the Consumer Code, the buyer has a period of 14 days from the date of taking out the contract or from delivery (in the event of purchase of goods), to withdraw from the contract. All information relating to the right of withdrawal and reimbursement for the purchase are available on the following link: Information relating to exercising of the right of withdrawal, and availability of a sample withdrawal form.

6. Supply 

Virtual shipping – For services for which the customer has selected the virtual shipping option, a voucher will be sent to the e-mail address or addresses indicated by the customer. 

For vouchers for which the customer has selected the option of physical delivery (whenever available), these will be sent by e-mail or courier to the address or addresses indicated by the customer. In this case shipping charges may apply as indicated at the time of purchase or at the time of selecting the shipping or delivery option. 

Use and validity of the voucher – To benefit from the services of a voucher this must be presented by the user at the reception desk at the selected location at the time of use of the services therein contained. 

The service will only be provided following presentation of the voucher and subject to availability. Where required, booking conditions should be complied with. 

Unless otherwise explicitly printed or written on the voucher, both virtual and ordinary vouchers have a validity of one year from the date of issue; once expired, the right to claim the services terminates. No refund is due for unused services. In the event of multiple services listed on the same voucher, these should be used on the same day.

In the event of loss, theft, damage, non-use or expiry of the voucher, the customer will not be entitled to a refund.

Delivery times may be delayed in the case of holidays; carriers do not perform deliveries on the dates of  25/12, 26/12, 01/01 and during weekends.
For purchases paid for by credit card, you should add an extra business day to the normal delivery time to account for normal administrative checks.

- See more at: http://www.thotel.it/en/terms-conditions.html#sthash.uqcvF20W.dpuf

7. Information and complaints, Guarantee of Conformity, Privacy and Guide to Purchase 

For clarification or complaints please contact MiNoTer SpA at the addresses indicated in Article 1.1 of these General Conditions.

Goods sold through the thotel.it website are covered by guarantee in compliance with provisions laid down by Article 128 and subsequent amendments of the Consumer Code (Legislative Decree 206/2005).

Information relating to the processing of personal data of customers acquiring goods and services through the thotel.it website is available on the following link: Privacy Information.

To ensure the correctness of purchasing operations on the thotel.it website please refer to the guide available on the link Guide to Purchasing.

8. Applicable law

The present contract shall be governed by Italian law. 

9. Specific conditions and regulations for use of vouchers 

In the event of purchase of SPA vouchers or otherwise denominated vouchers, these should be used for the purchase of services provided by the TSPA Wellness Center at the prices listed at the time of use, within one year of the date of issue.