Ceramica al T

Thursday July 17th at 7pm, the exhibition Ceramica al T, organised by Antonello Cuccu will be opened in THotel.

This exhibition is ideally devoted to Giulia Sanna Follesa from Assemini who earned her meagre wages from ceramics.

Not possessing any other means, she used to walk to Cagliari bearing the burden of the ceramics to be sold.
With the aid of stiff cloth headgear she walked with the tirìbi, four large jugs tied together with string, on her head; another two jugs hung from her arms, whilst she bore the weight of another six smaller jugs in her hands.
Giulia Sanna Follesa is an emblematic example of the worth of the sheer hard work that, up until the post-war period, characterised the field of ceramics in Sardinia.

Assertion or negation of items for everyday use in the field of modern Sardinian ceramics.

Ceramica al T has been established with the aim of illustrating the status of modern Sardinian ceramics through the figures and workshops that have characterised the sector over the last fifty years.
One hundred items drawing a line between the assertion (Yes) or negation (No) of the functional nature of ceramic goods. A swing that still today continues to represent a major issue of debate in the field.

Assertion - Ceramics, albeit with an added artistic value, continue to play a leading role in everyday life, only terminated when the item is broken or is no longer serviceable.
Plates, cutlery, ornaments, vases, jewellery, architectural finishings all concur towards forming the group of pluralist ceramics, displaying generosity in its availability for use, its propensity to handling.

Negation - In creating the articles, the ceramist aims at achieving a purely artistic expression devoid of any useful purpose, thus becoming "superfluous".
Ceramic goods are no longer viewed as intended for daily use, rather taking on a decorative role: vases, jugs and plates are re-manipulated and contaminated, taking on the semblance of sculptures or decorative items capable of stimulating the artistic awareness of the beholder.
Technique is replaced by an idea, the ceramist is replaced by the artist.

Ceramica al T is open to the public every day from 9am to 11pm from Thursday July 17th to Sunday October 19th.
Free Entrance