Exhibition dedicated to Maria Lai

Starts on July 10th in Palazzo di Città the exhibition dedicated to the famous Sardinian artist Maria Lai.

This is the first part of an exhibition that is going on display in Nuoro and Ulassai as well. In Cagliari there is an imaginary exhibition path divided in 3 thematic areas starting from drawings made with pen or pencils trough paintings and wavings to Landscapes, Earthenwear, Bread, Nativity scenes and waving Frameworks.
Moreover, in Cagliari visitor will have the chance to see short films, interviews and short shots from archive to tell the extrardinary story of this artist and her artistic journey from the '40 to death in 2013.

Palazzo di Città – Cagliari   

From 10.07 to 2.11.2014

Piazza Palazzo, 6, Cagliari   

tel.    +39 070 677 6482   
Timetable: tue-sun 10 am | 9 pm 
thur 10 am | 12 am  
Closed on Monday