Car sharing in Cagliar

The Play Card service in Cagliari is the new car sharing facility designed for you to save money whilst at the same time respecting the environment, allowing a purely consumerist vision of cars to be transformed into one of collaborative consumption. Enter the world of sustainable mobility and discover a range of benefits for the community, less traffic and less pollution.

Signing up is extremely easy: simply select the type of Player (private, company, university, institution), the preferred membership rates, fill in the form and the Playcard will be sent directly to your home address! Vehicle reservations are now only a click away from your computer or mobile device (Android, BlackBerry or) iPhone, or simply call the Playcard number.

Rates are simple and cheap: with a choice of three different rates to meet the requirements of different types of players, including discounts for long journeys, memberships or one-time users, everyone will have access to a price plan that best suits their lifestyle. Playcar rates include petrol and management costs, whereas the cost of each journey is based on time and distance covered, featuring different rates based on the price plan selected. If the vehicle is not an electric one and is low in petrol, stop at the closest partner petrol station and fill up with the Playcar card. Playcar users are also entitled to free parking in the car sharing parking spaces where the car can be picked up and returned.