Holy week in Cagliari

Discover the many appointments and events to celebrate Easter in Cagliari: ancient traditions and rituals that will take your breath away.

All the ceremonies have Spanish origin that involved Cagliari's historical districts since 17th century and that still represent an event of a great religious meaning.

Even if the rites mainly date back to the 17th century, some customs are even more ancient: for example, the one of  Is nenniris, wheat or legume small plants sown on Ash Wednesday and grown in dark. Their origin is supposed to derive from the phoenician myth of Adonis, celebrating the life cycle of vegetation. It's possible to recognise the same archaic root in Is Allichirongius de Pasca, the spring-cleaning on Easter time, that recalls an ancient   purification rite. Moreover, according to the tradition during the Holy Week people used to practise Is Ascurtus: walking up the hill of Buon Cammino, they listened to other people talking and put their sentences together in order to make predictions about the future. In the same period, women used to suspend yarn spinning, as woolen threads symbolized Christ's hair. For the same reason, they were even advised against washing hair.