Cagliari portraits from around the World

A new literary initiative dedicated to the City of Sun.

Following the success of the nine short stories on Cagliari written by Dacia Maraini, Sandro Veronesi, Marcello Fois, Alberto Capitta, Nicola Lecca, Maria Giacobbe, Paola Alcioni, Roberto Alajmo and Piera degli Esposti, T Hotel is pleased to announce the publication of a new series of short stories dedicated to the City of Sunshine.
Six unpublished portraits, written exclusively for hotel guests by as many foreign authors. Six alternative points of view, six different feelings that will provide the city of Cagliari with as many new and exciting portraits*.
The series, directed by the Sardinian writer Nicola Lecca (native of Cagliari), will consist of three volumes, 5000 copies of which will be printed for each volume and distributed free of charge to T Hotel guests.
Each volume will present two short stories both in Italian and English.

Six writers are going to be selected among all applicants and invited to Cagliari as T Hotel guests for one week. The outcome of their experience in the Sardinian capital will give rise to six original short stories that will be presented both in Italian and English.

The first volume of “CAGLIARI PORTRAITS FROM AROUND THE WORLD” will be presented in December 2013. The following volumes will be published with yearly frequency.

For all infos and details, please write to

NB Participants can write the short story in their own mother tongue, T Hotel will provide translation in both languages.