South Sardinia is sustainable

The GSTC awards the area as the most sustainable in the Mediterranean sea.

On Friday October 11th the DMO Visit South Sardinia has been recognised as the first Mediterranean destination to accomplish the procedure stated inthe Early Adopter statement. This means that Cagliari, Domus de maria, Muravera, Pula e Villassimius respected the 4 major goals given by the Early Adopter:

  • demonstrate sustainable destination management
  • maximize social and economic benefits for the host community and minimize negative impacts
  • maximize benefits to communities, visitors and cultural heritage and minimize impacts
  • maximize benefits to the environment and minimize negative impacts.

The criteria are designed to be used by all types and scales of destination and they indicate what should be done, not how to do it or whether the goal has been achieved. This role is fulfilled by performance indicators, associated educational materials, and access to tools for implementation from public, NGO and private sector providers all of which are an indispensable complement to the Destination Level Global Sustainable Tourism Criteria.

According to Kelly Bricker, Chair of the GSTC, "as an early adopter, South Sardinia is demonstrating global leadership and commitment to sustainability".