Sardinian woven handicrafts.

From masks and Sardinian carnival costumes through the enchanted “licuccos” created by Caterina Lai; it is now the turn of Sardinian woven handicrafts. represented by the designs of Eugenia Pinna and the typical interwoven traditional baskets from Castelsardo, Flussio, San Vero Milis, Ollolai, Montresta and Sinnai.
This exhibition is made up of 12 carpets and approximately 45 breadbaskets, baskets and the traditional ’corbulas’. Thirty three of the 45 baskets have been lent by the historic collection owned by I.S.O.L.A., the Sardinian Institute for the organisation of Artisan Crafts: they are all unique and constitute an important heritage for the Institute. The remaining baskets have either been obtained from the collections of the Sinnai folk group or are true works of art created by Imago Mundi.
The carpets created by Eugenia Pinna are among the more renowned of the contemporary woven items. To experience gained in Nule, one of the most enterprising Sardinian villages in the area of textile design, Ms. Pinna has added her training as a modern designer, thus allowing her to combine a detailed knowledge of materials and of manufacturing processes with the application of rigorously updated methods. This would however still not suffice to explain the excellence of her work, to which she adds a skilful sense of colour.