Bread at T

From June 28th to September 28th 2007 the exhibition of Art and Tradition.

Free entrance every day from 9am to 11pm.
PANE AL T will provide for a suggestive display of numerous forms of bread, both of sacred manufacture and for everyday use. Forms will be on display from throughout the island: from Dorgali to San Sperate via Thiesi, Ussassai and Orune. In addition, Sardinian artists of the calibre of Maria Lai, Pinuccio Sciola, Gianfranco Pintus, Ottonello, Randi Hansen, Caterina Lai and Rosanna D’Alessandro will exhibit their work focusing on the theme of bread, the metaphor of life which, explains Anna Maria Montaldo, dialogues with the essence of man, reaching the most significant depths.

Art and bread enclose the metaphor of life: the first evokes the beauty of the moment, the uniqueness of a gesture; the latter a repeated, acknowledged, reproduced accomplishment. In the same way that bread feeds the body, art dialogues with human nature, reaching the most significant depths and capturing the simplicity underlying the most complex issues”.

Anna Maria Montaldo