Licuccos at T

Following the success registered during the exhibition of masks and costumes from the Sardinian Carnival, we are pleased to host an exhibition of the artist from Dorgali, Caterina Lai, with a display of her original ceramics from 30 March to 25 April.

Resembling a burst of stars, hundreds of “licuccos” (no one alike) will descend from on high, hanging from invisible threads to dangle above the visitors’ heads.
In the Dorgali dialect “licuccos” indicates the smooth stones that the Sardinian peoples have collected since ancient times on river banks and beaches, subsequently used in paving roads or building houses. Caterina Lai proposes these stones in a conical ceramic version (two flat-based hollow cones stuck together). These ceramic articles are baked in special reduction furnaces (oxygen-deprived) using a method developed by the Etruscans. This process provides the “licuccos” with an original hue of grey and black, at times verging on silver. The ceramic stones, also known as “memory stones”, are a sort of spinning top bearing surface graffiti: letters of an alphabet evoking tales of magic and mystery, echoes and nursery rhymes, and toys played with by the young children.