Masks at T

To celebrate Carnival and evoke the extensive cultural heritage linked to this particular time of year, from February 14th to March 14th we are pleased to host the exhibition “Masks at T Hotel”: ten figures portraying the characters which have long been present in the Carnival celebrated in Cagliari, Fonni, Gavoi, Mamoiada, Olzai, Orani, Oristano, Orotelli, Ottana and Samugheo.

A display featuring numerous Sardinian localities where the oldest Carnival traditions are still thriving. It is an acknowledged fact that Carnival in Sardinia differs considerably from the “entertaining” carnivals held in other Italian regions. The Sardinian carnival is largely based on a theme of tragedy and loss, strictly linked to the ancient rites performed surrounding the countryside and harvest, therefore representing the natural sequence of the seasons and the different crops. Our guests may appreciate the costumes of the Mamuthones from Mamoiada or the Sos Maimones from Olzai, and will undoubtedly be enchanted by the rhythms of the Tumbarinos from Gavoi as well as by the Spanish-style attire of the Cavaliers of the Sartiglia from Oristano. To mention but a few of the costumes on display. Masks all bear an easy to read legend illustrating their history and significance.