Festival of Saint Efisio

May 1st in the streets of Cagliari, an event celebrating folklore and tradition not to be missed!
As per tradition the streets of Cagliari’s historic centre, in the Stampace quarter, will put on their Sunday best to celebrate the Warrior Saint. The colours of the island will parade during the procession, with the costumes of the various towns, carts decorated with flowers and drawn by oxen (traccas), genuine products, Sardinian handicrafts and sweets kept in handwoven baskets.

The celebrations in honour of the Saint, however, are not limited to May 1st. The itinerary of the procession lasts four days from May 1st- 4th: it starts in Cagliari, making its way towards the fishing village of Giorgino (where the statue sheds its city clothes and carriage and exchanges them for a more humble country attire). Before reaching its place of martyrdom, the Saint stops in Capoterra, Sarroch, Villa S.Pietro, Pula and Nora, where the simulacrum is kept in a small church on the beach and worshipped by the faithful. The journey back to Cagliari takes place on May 4th.

A novelty of this edition will be represented by the presence of a number of speakers scattered around different stands.
Indeed, the traditional voice describing the procession in the Via Roma will be accompanied by a commentary in English, French, Spanish and German in order to allow international guests to the city to fully understand and enjoy the procession.

The City of Sunshine, in its capacity of capital of the Mediterranean, confirms this appointment as the most important of the year, welcoming as usual numerous tourists and aficionados. The length of the itinerary, number of participants, towns involved and the traditional nature of costumes, of rare and immense beauty (some of which dating back more than a hundred years) could rightly earn this religious and folkloristic recurrence a place in the Unesco World Heritage list.

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