Zorro, the Musical

On 27th and 28th October in Cagliari a new show by Stefano D'Orazio with musics by Roby Facchinetti from the famous Italian band The Pooh.

Following the adventure with Pinocchio and the success of Aladdin the Musical and after taking care of the Italian lyrics for Mamma Mia, Stefano D’Orazio makes his comeback with a new show, with the precious contribution of musics by Roby Facchinetti.
An Italian product that promises to engage, move and entertain the public, with the irony and fantastic creativity typical of D’Orazio, enriched by wonderful musics and new characters that are going to become one with the popular characters of the traditional story.

A story that always fascinates both children and adults, a way for the public to approach what may appear as a distant story, which however shares many elements with the modern world. The big-hearted hero with a quick draw of the sword is ready to capture anyone who is going to let themselves be swept away by this wonderful adventure.