THotel dresses up in Theatre!

Swans, horses, butterflies, sheep, bear cubs, birds, dogs: a mixture of fifty stage animals and zoomorphic costumes from some of the most iconic shows staged at Cagliari Lyric Theatre are now ready to land at THotel.
Simply by following the tracks left by our stage animals on the path connecting Cagliari Lyric Theatre to the hotel through the Music Plaza, the audience will be able to immerse themselves in the fabulous worlds of: Don Giovanni, The Little Shoes, L’elisir d’amore, Euryanthe, Chèrubin, Die Vögel.
THotel’s BesTiario represents one of the unmissable appointments with Fuori SalOrto at Architettura Fiera (Beastly Architecture). Beasts as in wild animals, the symbols of an indissoluble connection with nature, of which they are guardians and creators. A unique combination attesting how the ability and creativity of set and costume designers in recreating an artificial version of nature and the animal world is matched in architecture and design characterized by biodiversity, thus creating a more natural environment in the real world.
Two geographically close but extremely different realities, THotel and the Lyric Theatre are brought together by the green corridor represented by the Music Plaza, which ferries the audience between the two dimensions like a fantasy passageway.
A symbolic and artistic connection emanating sweet and dreamlike atmospheres, able to evoke an imaginary world, in which animals take centre stage and are capable of intriguing a new colourful and unexpected audience.
We look forward to welcoming you all!

Opening on Tuesday 23rd April at 7pm.
Exhibition open every day from 9am to 11pm. Free entrance.

Curated by: Stage management of Cagliari Lyric Theatre, Tramare, T Art,
in collaboration with La Casa Verde C02.0 and Fuori  SalOrto by ArchitetturaFiera (Beastly Architecture) at Cagliari Trade Fair