Flamingos in Cagliari: the pink wading

The wading birds of the uncontaminated lands nest in Cagliari in the Marshes of Molentargius, Santa Gilla and Monte Urpinu. Deriving from the Greek word “crimson wing”, flamingos brighten the surrounding landscapes with shades of pink, bright red and black: a colour palette that amazes the fortunate onlookers.
The undisputed patrimony of Southern Sardinia, pink flamingos are a must-see attraction for tourists who choose Cagliari for their holidays, and a source of pride for the local population.
Migratory pink flamingos inhabit the Marsh of Molentargius, adopted since 1993 as their favourite nesting place: a not-to-be-missed spectacle that unfailingly offers unforgettable emotions.
An attraction of rarely observed beauty that enriches every trip and conveys the Regional Natural Park of Molentargius with keynote importance as to fauna and the environment that is second to none in Italy and Europe.
The stunning gentarrubia (as pink flamingos are called in Cagliari) can also be admired in their Monte Urpinu colony: almost 2500 couples can be found here, the largest colony in the city.

Tall birds, characterized by a long sinuous neck and webbed feet, they fly in V-shaped formations. Pink flamingos nest in the spring and brood their eggs for about 30 days, after which the first chicks are hatched. They spread their wings approximately 75 days after hatching and make their way to other European areas.