Music Plaza: flagship of the Music Quarter

The thriving heart of a newly qualified area, the Music Plaza livens up the city centre as the ideal location for music and cultural events.

An extensive square surrounding the Lyric Theatre, comprising five hectares of public land, an artificial river, wooden pathways and impressive interactive musical fountains (operated to the tune of Water Music in Three Suites by G.F. Haendel).
This ambitious project is completed by: a refreshment stand, a theatre seating up to 319 people, technical rooms (storage room, carpentry, tailoring, set design and smith laboratories), in addition to two large parking areas situated on different levels with a capacity of over 500 cars.
A small city of music for moments of quiet contemplation connecting the Via dei Giudicati to Cagliari Lyric Theatre.
Access can be gained from 4 different entrances: one located in the via dei Giudicati (opposite T Hotel), one in the via Cao di San Marco, one in the Via Sant’Alenixedda next to the Lyric Theatre and the fourth in the via Giudice Torbeno.