Cagliari and its vicinity

In the heart of Cagliari where it all happens. The "do not miss" list.

Poetto is one of the loveliest town beaches throughout the Mediterranean, a mere five kilometres away from Cagliari.

The medieval quarter of Castello symbolises Cagliari. It represents the pulsating heart and memory of the town with its sturdy walls, still standing today, and the imposing Pisan towers of San Pancrazio and the Elephant.

The oldest area of the town, still today preserving age-old traditions. Up until fairly recently the quarter housed the true being of the Cagliari people: carpenters, cobblers, woodworkers, smiths.

Overlooking the sea, the Marina quarter once housed the port workers, customs officers, fishermen and the lower classes of Cagliari.

Villanova is the area of Cagliari extending towards the countryside. Indeed, still today you may chance unexpectedly on gardens or vegetable plots adjacent to the traditional one-storey houses.

The amphitheatre in Cagliari is the most important public building in Sardinia dating back to the Roman Empire. Built in the II century a.C. the amphitheatre leaning onto the Buon Cammino hill was partly dug out of the rock, partly built to hold up to approximately ten thousand spectators.

Built in the 1950’s, the market represents one of the most characteristic sights of Cagliari. It is the largest town market throughout the whole of Italy and one of the largest in Europe.

The 27-hole Is Molas Golf Club is the largest in Sardinia as well as one of the most technical and spectacular courses in the Mediterranean, hosting numerous renowned tournaments, including four Italian Opens.

A unique showroom with its exclusive collection of artisan crafts and souvenirs of both traditional Sardinian production and new styles.