From every corner of Cagliari, the tower of T Hotel acts as a striking landmark. The venture undertaken by the entrepreneur Gualtiero Cualbu became reality with its magnificent architectural elevation soaring upwards for 15 floors to a height of 62 meters over a mere three-year period. The company took over the existing construction (developed for other purposes) in the year 2000 and, in conjunction with the collaboration of the studio Planarch from Rome, Architect Martuscelli and consultancy by Architect Piva, in 2005 the structure Mr Cualbu considers “a gift to the town” opened its doors. T Hotel is located in the midst of an area currently undergoing extensive renovation and transformation into the Music Plaza: a leafy quarter with fountains and gardens overlooked by the hotel and the Municipal Theatre, it includes an open-air amphitheatre, a precinct for the showing of contemporary art and a scenery workshop for the theatre.
T Hotel is currently considered a hotel of excellence on the Italian scenario, the pride of the town of Cagliari.